Life assurance

Help for those left behind if you die

Life assurance Life assurance

Facing up to mortality is not easy, but at least you can look after those left behind. As part of your basic employment package, SAP offers a payment of 4x your annual basic salary at the time of your death. This is paid free of tax to your dependants.

Learn about the life assurance

  • As a permanent employee, you have Life Assurance coverage from your first day of employment at SAP. The coverage ends with the termination of your contract.
  • Life Assurance provides a lump sum payment equal to 4 x base salary in the event of the death of an employee. This amount is payable tax-free to the dependent(s) of the deceased employee.
  • Life Assurance coverage is only provided whilst in employment with SAP Ireland. It is therefore not suitable for any personal financial arrangements, such as mortgages.

Assign a Trustee

  1. Please log on to the AON Hewit web site with SSO
  2. Click “other benefits” & My Nominated Beneficiaries

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