Income protection

To help ends meet if you are unable to work due to illness

Income protection Income protection

If you find yourself unable to work due to an accident or illness, you’ll receive 66% of your annual basic salary. This is paid until you return to work or leave our employment. You’ll receive this benefit as a matter of course, at no cost to you. It forms part of your basic employment package.

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  • As a SAP permanent employee, you are covered by this insurance.
  • The cover continues until the termination of your employment with SAP Ireland.
  • This insurance is an income protection for times when you are unable to work due to disability.

You are considered disabled to work if you suffer from a long-term illness, critical illness, or physical disability which has been confirmed by a medical practitioner.

Remunerate the Insurance

  • If you are unable to work due to disability, SAP will continue to pay base salary for the first 13 weeks at the 100% rate, next 13 weeks at the rate of 66%.
  • If you are unable to work for longer than 26 weeks, and your claim is accepted by the insurer, you will be paid at 66% of your basic salary by the insurance company.
  • The insurance company and SAP reserve the right to request that you see a company-appointed medical practitioner at regular intervals during the disability period.

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