Virtual Gym

Taking your fitness and wellbeing online

Virtual Gym Virtual Gym

This year, we are excited to announce the launch of live 'Food and Fitness Team Sessions', where a member of the culinary or fitness team will host an interactive class with your team, focusing on specific topics and wellness. These sessions are limited to one team only.

To book a team session, see the list of available sessions on SAP Sign Up.

Once registered, please share the meeting invite with your team. Full details of the session will be linked within the registration confirmation email.

Food vlogs

Our culinary team will continue to create easy-to-follow vlogs – sharing new tips and ideas for home meals.

Virtual gym

In a new world of online fitness classes and health apps, our fitness team will continue to keep us all on our toes with live fitness classes.

You have access to:

  • Virtual gym classes with Francisco and Joanna
  • Additional fitness and wellbeing videos

Sign up to the new virtual gym for SAP Ireland employees.

At a glance

Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit

You can sign up for flexible benefits at any point during the year. Be aware that you can’t always make changes to these benefits at any time during the year, so check on the conditions when you sign up.

Benefit budget allowance

Benefit budget allowance

You’re able to claim some benefits from a benefit budget allowance, paid for on behalf of SAP Ireland.